Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm gonna MOC it! Wreck-it Ralph characters and Lego Batman

So i just caught wreck-it ralph on cable. Such a great lil movie (little as in, its kinda low profile for a pixar flick - i suspect its due to lack of star power). Its up there with monsters inc. and cars as my personal faves, and the link to monsters inc. is very apparent (tho i find sarah silverman hella annoying. Even more so when compared directly to boo).

(Edit: Wreck it ralph is NOT a pixar joint, my bad! Thanks to suhaimi aka sx3po for the heads up.)

The gaming references are, at the risk of understating it, GREAT. I'm not a gamer, but if youre an 80s kid this movie really speaks to you because the gaming scene grew up with you. You were there when home gaming was invented (asteroids, super tank) and when it hit its stride with the 8-bit platform (super mario bros, contra, double dragon). I stuck around gaming as a kid at least thru the 16 bit era (sonic, golden axe, road rash) but totally missed the 32 and 64 bit consoles. I was old enough then for arcades tho so in my teens i played some street fighter and super monaco gp.

While i played zaxxon and katateka at a friend's home pre-NES days, I was then reacquainted with PC gaming during my uni days when i got a pentium machine and played SW's rogue squadron 2 and other lucasart titles like full throttle and the dig. Doom (tho i preferred corridor 7) and tomb raider came out later (mid 90s) and with internet becoming more widely-used (oh man, i'm starting to sound prehistoric) network games (starcraft, diablo) PC games was tops back then. I was a terrible FPS player tho (2hrs straight fragging makes me nauseus) so i was more into racing games (midtown madness, carmageddon).

I'm out of touch with your xbox and PS3 and wii and whatnot these days. But its still great to recognize the game archetypes from wreck-it ralph, heres my take of the main characters in lego:

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(Oh, man this wreck-it ralph write up is hella long winded.)


I gotta be honest: i'm not a big fan of Nolancholia. I know some of you guys are like OMG BEST DIRECTOR EVER but i kinda think he's...overrated (there! I said it). Don't get me wrong, he's very good at what he does (knows how to keep audience on their heels by using intelligent, well written material. Great tone when it comes to drama) but i kinda think his stuff is gimmicky - as if he relies on overly complicated plot and themes to make an interesting movie. Also, i'm not overly impressed with his batman stuff, partially my own fault since i'm too familiar with angsty 80s batman, where nolan draws a lot from (dark knight returns, batman - year one, batman - the cult).

STILL! The dark knight rises is my favourite movie from the trilogy and if theres one thing i gotta give nolan credit, is that he gave batman some really cool new vehicles.

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Mohammed Suhaimi Alfitri Baharuddin said...

Wreck it Ralf is not a Pixar movie la bro. It was done by Disney Animation Studios.

K.A. said...

DOH. Youre right! Lasseter in the credits threw me off there, thx for the correction.