Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lego Review: TMNT's Turtle Lair Attack

(I actually meant to post this next week but i'm super stoked over this set...)

The week i bought lego 'the bat vs bane's tumbler' i was actually set to get this and a few other stuff from amazon. Thats where i usually get the larger sets: great prices and wide range of available stuff. But my usual forwarding service (my brother's hookup in the states) was going through some issues and i had to pull a favor with a long time toy-collecting conspirator (jarodimus of tfw2005, holla!). I also picked up the mini-modular collected sets but in the meantime...

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The set is comprised primarily of 3 compartments: splinter's training room, donatello's lab and...prominently featuring a pizza stove, michelangelo's kitchen, i suppose (ironically, neither don nor mike are included in this set).

The set includes some loose set pieces: a half pipe - actually, half of a half pipe, a springboard thingie (which you can launch figures from) and a loose triangular base with a large screen monitor/TV with some, uh, color coordinated cushions for the turtles to sit on. There are also independent components that are integrated into the individual compartments.

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Splinter's training room central feature is the removeable practice platform (with a spinning training dummy). Its got a tree growing on one side and theres a sewer grille that flips open in the back.

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The lab sits at the bottom of a double storey structure. Theres a big writing board at the back where don post up his inventions, which doubles as the gimmick for this set piece: theres a switch at the back where you can attach explosives and flick to blow open the back wall.

There's a workbench (with a computer, clamp thingie and microscope) on one side and storage shelf (displaying some mutagen canisters and spray cans) on the other, both are removeable.

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Going up the spiral staircase takes you to the kitchen. The centrally placed stove has a push rod at the back which makes the pizza pop out. Just like a real restaurant! To the sides of the stove are a skateboard rack and a tool bench with a robotic arm, uh, crane thingamajig, both removeable.

On top of the kitchen is the street level (in case you havent noticed, the turtles live in the sewer). Theres a lever that pops open a NYC street manhole cover (which sticker was a biyatch to put on - took me and my OCD 3 tries to fix it properly centered and aligned along the studs) and the back wall has a random pole with an action feature: hang a figure on the pole and you can swing him around using a lever at the rear. This level is kind of bare really, save for a street lamp and a fire hydrant.

Overall, i think this set is pretty great. There's lots of fun features, great use of varied colors and textures with interesting details (check out the neon ooze drippings in the background) and very affordable, considering its at the highest/second highest price point for the series. And while not shown here, the packaging is really nice looking, especially if displaying the box is your thing. Looking forward to get a few other sets to complete the rest of the cast.

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