Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lego SW Planet Series 3 & 4, TF MP Frenzy & Buzzsaw

Was looking forward to these guy since they announced the line up last year. Looking back, the planet series played a big part in getting me (back) into lego in the 1st place. Picked up the OT sets to start with (i'll get the PT stuff eventually), namely:
- tie bomber
- snow speeder
- b-wing
- blockade runner

And since i never did a proper shoot of previous stuff:

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Clockwise from top left: snow speeder making a run at brickmaster at-at walker, x-wing and b-wing with undeployed s-foils, brickmaster slave 1 and cloud city car, tie fighter/interceptor/bomber

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Clockwise from top left: tantive IV with midi scale star destroyer in pursuit, brickmaster imperial shuttle, tie advance (from the death star set) locking in on an x-wing, scout walker and at-at walker

I STILL don't have both the y-wing and a-wing in any form (including my action fleet collection) for some reason, elusive buggers.

Also, these guys came out:

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Nothing new here since they're straight up repaints. Clever of 'em to release the red guy 1st, knowing the blue guy is more popular. Dropped the ball big time on the QC tho: i had to replace the 1st set i got because blue guy had a nasty gash on his face. Can't be sure whether its just paint or worse, but this is the 1st time i've had such an obvious defect with takara's stuff. And apparently its not just me, other people have had similar problem - exact same scratch on the left side of the face - so its probably a manufacturing problem.

Still, pretty stoked to round up all of the original cassettebots. Current QC issues notwithstanding, looking forward to the next new mold: Prowl and Blue Streak.

And by the way...Rumble is BLUE.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Lego Review: Mini Modular Collection

Along with lego TMNT turtle lair attack, i also picked this up off amazon: lego mini modular collection. I found out about it via twitter (deefuzz, another tfw2005 bro) some time back, which was my 1st introduction to lego microscale. Apparently its not that popular/doesn't sell very well, but its got everything i like about lego in a single set: variety of parts and colors, intricate detail and build - plus, its a cheaper alternative to getting into the premium-priced modulars. Good thing for me i'm not hung up on minifigs (evident from my MOCs, lego is more about the bricks rather than the minifigs, for me at least) and i've always been conscious about storage/display space (even when i collected SW 3-3/4s i chose action fleet over figure scaled vehicles). On to the set itself:

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The set is comprised of scaled down version of regular modular sets, from left to right:
- Grand emporium
- Fire brigade
- Cafe corner
- Green grocer
- Market street (in blue and tan, on the other side of the block)
As with the regular modular sets, the individual sets can be linked via technic pins and configured to your liking.

Almost all the sets take advantage of advance technique; stud jumping to create vertical detail - most evident in Fire Brigade, studs-not-on-top aka SNOT construction to create finer detail horizontally - like on the upper floors of Market Street and Grand Emporium. Even simple looking details like the corner elevation of Cafe Corner are clever solutions in itself. Better looks at Green Grocer and Market Street:

I hope they continue these series to follow up the current release of regular sized modulars (Pet Shop! Palace Cinema!). But even if they didn't i'd just be happy to pick up another set and MOC them on my own.