Saturday, July 06, 2013

Monsters, Minions and (I'm sorry) Miss Jackson


Theres a glut of cool merch out thanks to monsters university coming out, which reminded me of how much i loved the 1st one. My older daughter was a single child for the longest time and monsters, inc. ending really tugged at the ol' heartstrings. So here's my take on kitty! and mike badowski.

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I tend to raise a single eyebrow at dreamworks' animated stuff (thanks for spoiling us, pixar!) but steve carrell's gru made for a likeable anti hero, the production had some nice designs (loved the kids' beds made out of bombs) and the story itself was earnest enough to let these guys steal the show.

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Been meaning to do another music related MOC after previously making slash and axl rose. Having used the american flag as a background in my rocketeer MOC, i remembered the album cover art for stankonia. They finally broke through the mainstream with 'miss jackson' - following missy elliot and ludacris, all coming from the atlanta music scene - here's big boi and andre 3000.

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The Rebel said...

Great to see you back at blogging bro! Great LEGO creations too! My son was head over heels over them minions....I'll show him your creations!

K.A. said...

good think i can make these. the happy meal toys get sold out on 1st day and the official toys at tru are bloody expensive.