Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lego Architecture: Sydney Opera House

I tend to refer myself as a designer (not being ingenuine but due to my body of work in interiors) but specifically, i was trained an architect. I mention this because, despite my interest in architecture (if only due to professional obligation), lego's architecture series doesn't really appeal to me. What i like about lego are the colours and its kid's appeal - how it doesn't go for realism, rather how kid's perceive the real world. So in comparison lego's architecture just seems dull and bland.

Still, i find myself curiously attracted to this particular set. I just like how the forms are even more abstracted at this scale. And despite the use of pre-existing pieces which only approximate the curvature of the original building's roof, the model is still recognizable in composition and profile. So the set ends up more of an exercise in visual interpretation rather than a miniaturized model.

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