Monday, December 23, 2013

Bangsar Village's Christmas 2013 Lego Exhibit

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Come december, bangsar village always does something cool with lego. This year they did up the pedestrian bridge with stickers to make it look like lego bricks. They've also put up christmas ornaments actually made with lego parts (snowflakes using plates, wreaths using lego leaves).

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There's the usual year end lego sale and the exhibit featured these styrene-made displays:

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There's a few display aisles with dioramas made by the local LUG (lego user group), the centrepiece being this cool winter scene, complete with motorized train set:

 photo 9B116913-8C34-4DF9-9BC9-1B42C181132B.jpg

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A couple'o licensed stuff on display; TMNT sets combined into a giant playset...

 photo E2343E47-E70A-4F52-B145-A04C4F9284B7.jpg

...batman display, inspired from the nolan movies...

 photo 4F2D7D15-612E-4B0B-9EF0-217EEDACEAB8.jpg

...and this clever little star wars scene.

 photo A5F967E5-08DE-49C3-8D24-35CD8B48C83C.jpg

Play it again, darth.

 photo 6C198B22-9F0E-401A-A2CF-D658FF4B8C3C.jpg

Lastly, sets and MOCs from lego's own themes; lego SPACE:

 photo D8AD6E17-D729-4B9C-BD90-05D10FD08831.jpg

Lego CITY:

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Check out the little dioramas based on lego's popular blind-packed minifigure series here:

 photo 2BCA55E1-970C-4347-832A-9FD63A5F4F97.jpg

I suppose these fall under the CREATOR theme, though the house with a lake looks entirely fan made:

 photo 5D0A8B48-14C2-46A1-90CE-378F0536D36E.jpg

 photo D381819B-1771-49DC-8A02-D1AA33AEEF64.jpg

And lastly, these CASTLE based scenes:

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