Sunday, December 22, 2013

December '13 TF update


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Can you believe this is only the 2nd orion pax figure? Thanks, IDW! (The 1st was a G1 Kup repaint, and even then it was a e-hobby exclusive.)

I don't dig the alt mode, neither in design (looks clunky) nor execution (too much folding/tabbing, cop out solution to the trucks 'camper' using detachable kibble), but bot mode looks great and a lot of fun. And the head sculpt might be the best rendition of optimus with a mouth.


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(Part 2)

Found hun-grr and sinnertwin to complete the group. Too bad about them making hun-grr the same size as the limbs robits (considering the cyberverse line has its own leader scale) but on his own hun-grr is decent, at least on par with his troops.

Combined, the terrorcons form abominus, who's only the 2nd 5-member combiner group we've gotten since FOC bruticus (proper gestalt, not that rubbish power core combiners with non-transforming limbs). Pictures make him look doofy but he looks a bit better in person. Limbs could've been a bit more sturdier, the knee connection in particular, but overall he's neat in a sorta frankenstein's monster kinda way: a hodge podge of mixed shapes and garish colors mashed together but somehow the end result looks visually unified.

Kinda makes you wish he was made proper deluxe-scale...

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(Part 1, re-posted from previous entry)

I used to think G1 terrorcons designs pretty dopey (land shark? nose monster???) but thanks to Pacific Rim, kaiju monsters are in vogue. Windrazor/cutthroat is an improvement over G1 version's chicken monster, so is blight/blot's new ape-ish form. But rippersnapper seems to have regressed. I get that they were going for (new) godzilla-ish look (with the ridges on the head) and tried to be creative with the transformation, but the end result with the awkward looking lower half looks just as goofy as the original. Candygram!

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