Monday, December 30, 2013

Retro Recap: Robotcon 2007

Was looking at my posts labelled 'events' and just noticed I never posted these on this blog itself (despite posting them over at discussion boards), so here goes:

The last weekend of June, 2007, Malaysia had its 1st ever TF convention/event: Robotcon 2007 - thanks to (the local TF community) and Hasbro/UIP (who are doing it to market the premiere of the 1st movie by Bay) together with a buncha co-sponsors. Here's the setup at Cineleisure Mall's main foyer:

 photo robotcon1.jpg

And this was displayed just outside the main entrance:

 photo robotcon33.jpg

The event was held over 3 days, launched on a Friday, had a fan gathering with activities on Saturday, and closed on Sunday. The exhibition took up 2 areas around the Cineleisure Mall:

- Ground floor, where they had sponsors booth, a stage, and showed non-stop screening of the movie promos.
- Lower ground, where there was a toy exhibition, plus a booth selling convention swag.

Pics taken at the ground floor:

People crowding around the screening:

 photo robotcon2.jpg

 photo robotcon3.jpg

 photo robotcon4.jpg

This was where they had activities like a toy auction, TF transforming competition, etc.

Lower ground entrance to exhibit:

 photo robotcon5.jpg

Optimus Prime 6' statue display:

 photo robotcon6.jpg

Local Hasbro brought in a buncha these, even using one for a nationwide competition where the lucky bugger will get to bring back this sumbitch home.

 photo robotcon34.jpg

Goodies booth:

 photo robotcon32.jpg

 photo robotcon31.jpg

Toy display:

 photo robotcon7.jpg

 photo robotcon8.jpg

Japanese G1 TFs:

 photo robotcon9.jpg

Movie toys:

 photo robotcon10.jpg

Custom Lego TFs by Transmy member Alan Yap, Predacons:

 photo robotcon11.jpg

Lego Predaking:

 photo robotcon14.jpg

Lego Devastator (in yellow):

 photo robotcon12.jpg

 photo robotcon13.jpg

Masterpieces and Binaltechs/Alternators

 photo robotcon15.jpg

Customs by Transmy's Ryukaze:

 photo robotcon16.jpg

Beast Wars stuff:

 photo robotcon17.jpg

Transforming Nikes from Takatomy's Sports Label line:

 photo robotcon18.jpg

God Ginrai(s):

 photo robotcon19.jpg

G1 Combiners:

 photo robotcon20.jpg

G2 Transformers:

 photo robotcon21.jpg

The gathering featured a lucky draw where Transmy members won some TFs, including custom works by Ryukaze. Kudos Ryu!

More Beast Wars TFs:

 photo robotcon22.jpg

 photo robotcon23.jpg

TFs from the Cybertron line:

 photo robotcon24.jpg

Unicron (Armada) and Primus (TF: Cybertron)

 photo robotcon25.jpg

RID/Car Robots:

 photo robotcon26.jpg

Stuff from Armada:

 photo robotcon27.jpg

More stuff from TF: Cybertron:

 photo robotcon28.jpg

 photo robotcon29.jpg


 photo robotcon30.jpg

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