Friday, January 24, 2014

Enlighten Brick Piano Set

Found this at a kiosk at KLCC's concourse - a shop selling variety memorabilia with piano/keyboard motif. Its by Enlighten Bricks, a lego compatible building toy (made in China or Hong Kong going by the packaging).

The good:
- it's damn cheap. I paid RM20 (which at KLCC is likely higher compared to other places) and despite the size its got a lot of pieces. A comparable lego set with similar number parts would be around 40-60 bucks.
- the build is very interesting and the details are cute (the keys and piano inner bits are sorta chibi-ized) and makes good use of SNOT technique.
- the brand makes useful parts that lego doesnt make. Like the 1x1 ridge tile used for the black keys. And the printing on the printed parts are very decent too.

The bad:
- mold quality isn't as good. Doesn't affect the clutch strength tho, in fact, sone of it is too tight, but surface quality/smoothness of the pieces aren't as high quality as lego
- plastic quality feels a bit brittle compared to lego, feels like you can easily break em if you apply too much force.

But overall i'd say this was well worth the purchase. Nice design, fun build and a real bang for the buck.

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