Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"I've got better things to do tonight..."

He's been out for a while, but for whatever reason i've been flip flopping on getting Generations Springer till now:

 photo 2123BD38-2351-435E-B5CB-9E1C2417AF9B.jpg

I suppose its because we've gotten so many versions of him: twice repainted from Cybertron molds and the recent one repainted from the movieverse line, none of were actual triple changers. And the proper triple changer we did get was unofficial, courtesy of Fansproject. But it seems Hasbro nutted up and finally gave us a proper, triple changing Springer. And the deliberated amount of thought and effort really shows.

 photo 9A808E05-4CD4-4CA2-A12B-FE8993CF6165.jpg

The robot mode is based on the IDW comics version, as initially appeared in Last Stand of the Wreckers storyline. Where the old G1 springer was stocky and muscular, his latest incarnation as rendered by new fan favourite artist Nick Roche is (literally) lean, mean and green. He's got nice detailing, very good articulation and from his robot proportions you wouldn't think he can properly pull off 2 convincing alt modes: he does.

 photo 6084E8CD-AC5A-468C-A2BE-CC81799E76E2.jpg

The armored car mode looks like its going for batman's tumbler look, with oversized wheels and a build thats low to the ground. The rear spoilers are supposed to hang off the back, but i thought i'd copy the look of the tumbler by having them mounted at the back of the canopy. Don't really dig the frog eyes headlights, but i guess they add to look of the hood which looks more robust than streamlined.

 photo F1BF22B4-9F13-42EC-8520-6BC969FCDE95.jpg

I think i like the chopper mode better. The color distribution here is better than in car mode (which has all the yellow bits lumped together into hood of the car) and the chopper design itself looks pretty unique - more gunship than helicopter.

Hasbro might have took its time to finally put him out, but now that they've done a proper Springer they sure as hell knocked it out of the park. Now all thats left is just to dump all those single alt-mode versions of him...

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