Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lego Star Wars Microfighters

I've been looking forward to this set since it was announced. This line replaces the previous years planet series, by keeping the collectible minifigures, dropping the planet globes and by making the vehicles super-deformed with cockpits for the minifigs. Clever way if you ask me of integrating the minifigs, where previously the figures would just be standing beside the vehicles on the base plate. They've also added flick missiles to add playability for the kids (for the kids, yeah, right).

 photo InstagramCapture_928b0f7e-434f-4a46-bf34-ae3af8f3a938_jpg.jpg

The wave comprise of 6 sets in total but I passed on the trade federation tank and republic turbo tank because FUCK THE PT. Haha, just kidding (no, really). So that leaves us with:

I expected to like this set the least but its quite alright. Prolly the best use of SNOT technique and the easiest to reconfigure if you want to do a version without cockpit.

The set which best conceal the flick missiles. Also, I could be mistaken but I don't recall the minifig version from the planet series came with removeable helmet...

This set produce the best example for the super deformed/chibi look, with the oversized engine nacelles and the bulbous nosecone. Also worth noting, the pilot body printing seems to have new, improved detail.

Saved the best for last, but you know with the falcon I was always going to be bias. Decent gribbling detail, and even without minifigure the proportions still look good. You know whatever version it'll always look like junk, but it'll always have it where it counts, kid.

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