Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Catching Up On G1...

Around CNY break, the ol' G1 itch came around that needed some scratching so off to Ebay i went and came back with these guys:


 photo F1097412-7380-4A96-9DEB-83AC9B40EB2B.jpg

I scored Octopunch awhile ago and ive been meaning to complete the mayhem attack squad but the main obstacle has been a decent priced bludgeon. I found his shell on its own tend to be reasonably priced and found a dealer who had both shell and helmet, finding a good deal for stranglehold proved to be easier.

Mayhem attack squad had a good showing in the US marvel comics, but they were even better in the late run of the UK series, with spinister, needlenose, carnivac and snarler joining the show.


 photo F515857C-6BA6-4880-9DF7-352DD0B97F28.jpg

Always liked this pair, but awhile back it seemed somebody - as in one particular person - seemed intent on driving up the price of Dreadwind specifically by snapping up any available specimen on ebay. Apparently he mustve quit, because the price parity between Dreadwind and Darkwing has levelled up. Maybe he finally completed his throne of Dreadwinds - who knows?

Anyways, love the colors on these. Fans are split on these as some prefer the japanese masterforce version, with red and purple color schemes instead of green and purple. And while i went with hasbro for my collection, you really cant go wrong with either version.


 photo 12E35D41-2344-4213-82B7-FD836953DE72.jpg

If you've been following closely on the choice of characters in these deals, you'll notice that they all figured prominently in the old G1 comics - which brings us to this guy. I've always loved the film noir detective trope, and one of my fave standalone issues from the comics was the very 1st instalment (i think) to matrix quest, featuring everybody's favourite private eye robit (and junior headmaster pals). The story was a send up of 'the maltese falcon' (featuring a femme fatale and bird-like mcguffin) and it was great to see simon furman having fun with genres as recurring theme - he knocked off 'alien' from when bumblebee, jazz and grimlock were trying to recover the matrix from optimus' old body, spoofed moby dick with pretender longtooth playing the role of captain ahab and the story with triggerbots was practically set in a western setting.

But nightbeat and his crew reappeared again later in the marvel UK's late run, plus he was instrumental in the conclusion to the matrix quest, which is why he's a fan fave, most recently appearing in IDW's dark cybertron mini series, unfortunately as a double agent... goddamnit, IDW.