Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 2014 Update

Bought quite a bit of stuff this past few weeks (including not shown here: Generations Metroplex and a couple of Lego Movie sets) but here's some stuff i found the time to fiddle around with:


 photo 1A904375-31DF-4BE5-AD2C-E27624076099.jpg

Let me get this out of the way: MTMTE Skids (of which this toy is based on) bothers me. I've always had a soft spot for the version in the old US comics so the MTMTE version gives me mix feeling, in that its actually a cool character (a robit jason bourne) which looks to outshine the old marvel version.

 photo B4801E4C-0BFD-4BE3-8543-0C3C6B7C45EE.jpg

The toy on its own is pretty neat. Its got the usual car hood chest and door wings look, yet the transformation comes off feeling unique.

 photo 0B18FD87-15BD-474E-B6D4-A76801BF4384.jpg

Its also a great take on the drawn version, as drawn by alex milne, and the hidden artillery is nicely done.

 photo DE96C20E-CFC1-4A9B-9BA3-019C02750050.jpg


 photo C02772D1-C96A-4CC0-B384-7DDA6179CEB3.jpg

Took my time in finally picking up this mold (passed on the 1st version, prowl, and waited till after smokescreen came out) and this guy is really worth the wait. My favourite character of the 3 (though prowl's more prominent, he's a jerk; while the best thing about smokescreen is mostly his race deco), streak is one of the few autobot cars that actually passes off as a commonly seen road vehicle and his character is pretty likeable (voiced by casey kasem).

 photo 70FA6C7A-7C69-4479-98A4-9C2848B2EE28.jpg

Nicely proportioned in robot mode, my only nitpick would be the stubby shoulder cannons and the hollow-ish feet design. The car mode is also rendered nicely, and the silver finish (at least on mine) looks great.

 photo 57C8B1FB-70D8-4C6F-A636-8FF94038CC12.jpg


These finally came out! I've been looking forward to these, since getting the SW micro fighters; these hit the sweet spot for me - combining simple builds and character designs. I bought just 1 of each color scheme; theres 3 color elements with design motifs based on electricity, fire and stone - and 3 different characters per color element, and at only RM20 a pop, i'll definitely be picking up the rest.

 photo C81B30C1-AB92-4F81-9A90-D578AF7AD606.jpg

The instructions include pictures of future waves with new colors (2 more waves so far, each wave introducing 3 new color elements). Also, you can combine the 3 characters of each group to form a larger creature design. Between these series and the movie stuff, i really think lego is making further breakthrough with their own non-licensed brands.