Monday, July 21, 2014

Mid Year TF Update

Been hectic at work, here's a backlog of robits I bought recently:


It's amazing what IDW's MTMTE has done with 3rd tier characters like Swerve here, making him into a fan fave. So he's here (despite the not so recent GDO update - remolded from Kup) with Cosmos, with targetmaster partners (which on their own are pretty decent minicon type figures). Cosmos himself was last updated as a legends class, but its cool to see the design in larger scale, with better accuracy to Don Figueora concept sketches seen quite a while back. Which at that point plans to make a toy were aborted. Nice save, Hasbro.


I've gushed on this guy in my earlier post about the G1 toy. Now that the anticipated modern figure is out, he doesn't dissapoint, faithful interpretating the G1 robot mode and pretty much dead on take on the original alt mode. He gets a bunch of add ons just like the G1 toy, and the design - partly due to the reverse legged posture - really exudes the psychotic jerk personality from the IDW comics.


To be honest, I haven't even the time to explore all this guy's features since cracking the box open. All I know he's impressively huge and detailed. One of these days I'll get around to putting on the A3 - yes, A3 - sticker sheet. This bitch is HUGE.

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