Monday, August 18, 2014

TF Generations and Lego MOCs


Meant to do this ever since making rocket raccoon a few post back. Initially thought this was going to be easy - not too different than making chewbacca some time back - but the crown took a bit of messing around before coming up with something i liked. Quite pleased with how the hands and feet turned out, at that point i was just messing with parts and sometimes solutions just come out naturally.


Seems i forgot to post this earlier: actually got these prior to my Raya Haul post. Tailgate is very well done, not unlike Swerve before him. Looks very close to his MTMTE version and nice recall to his G1 alt mode. Shrapnel was a nice surprise, a bit more complex than i expected and certainly makes me wish that more insecticons were made at this scale. But most of all, this wave gives us camera mode Reflector!


Previous take on the mini cooper wasn't fully develop - i omitted the rear details entirely. This should make up for it - i like how the yellow license plate gives a bit of variety in colors. Still kept the posting for the original version tho, just feel the proportion on that is better, but i like this one since its better fleshed out.


I got Benny loose from my usual guy (Legoland of, and was inspired to do some old school lego space design. My first design i was just messing with parts and came up with this, purely based on the grey and blue color scheme alone:

After looking back at the originals, i tried to create a mini version of the one man spaceship 918, and came up with this - restricted due to available wing parts in my inventory, i had to do a bit of improvisation:

But eventually i settled on this. The wings are still off but the overall proportions are closer to being accurate. But now it seems i have a vintage/classic space itch to scratch, gah.

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