Thursday, August 07, 2014

Hari Raya Haul


For the uninitiated, Death's Head is a Simon Furman creation from the pages of Marvel UK. He's a bounty hunter, oops, freelancing law enforcement operative, and while he usually starts stories by going against the Autobots, he usually ends up (grudgingly) helping them towards a common cause. Despite his allegiance to whoever's the highest bidder, he maintains a (dubious) moral code, and more times than not hint of a good side. As an anti-heroic character painted in shades of grey - the transformers universe is remarkedly black and white with its core story of good versus evil - Death's Head is likely Furman's best contribution to the lore, yes?


Way back in 2011 Hasbro put out a 'playskool' Optimus Prime after the G1 design. Now we get an Optimus Primal, but taking cue from the current movie featuring dinobots, he turns into a t-rex. I've always had a thing for their pre-school stuff (I also have that plushie Softimus Prime from when the 2007 movie came out) and I think this looks pretty good for a baby's toy. Also, dinos!

Megatron here takes after the IDW design based on his early years as a worker/gladiator. In pics the pinkish grey looks almost palatable but its terribly mismatched in person. But we get G1 based Chop Shop!..but now I gotta track down that Energon Insecticon as a substitute for G1 Barrage.


Been looking forward to this guy ever since getting his partner, Whirl - they're a pair from when they were released as Deluxe Autobots in G1. And like Whirl, Roadbuster's been given a generous helping of weapons and a sticker sheet to give him custom decals. While not as spot on as Whirl in terms of being faithful to the G1 design, his alt mode looks better in person and robot mode isn't as lanky as in preview pics - his clown shoes feet can also be adjusted to tuck in better at the ankles. Also, the modular weapons is a great play feature. On to the bad:

His leg joints don't lend to fun posing because the sculpt hinders clear movement in favor of looks - they're intended to give him a bulky look, which the G1 version achieved by implementing add-on armor. Also, there's a bit of copping out with the omission of waist and wrist joints - even if you don't really need them to come up with interesting poses. Paint apps could be improved too, evident by some paint bleeding at a few obvious spots.

It's still a really good toy overall, if not perfect. Plus, its been a waited on fan fave, with Hasbro's several takes on the character's name sake. But he's finally received the full on G1 treatment and, while not as good as Whirl, still a commendable effort.

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