Thursday, August 21, 2014

SDCC Alternator Rodimus

Another entry from the old TFW2005 days, a review of SDCC exclusive altrernator rodimus:

1st impressions, the finish from what you can see of the alt mode is really nice. No cheap looking red plastic as per alt sideswipe (released early on in the line). Also, the gold flame blends surprising well, despite my preference for the kiss play version's white stripes. Love the TOO HOT vanity plates. Very G1 hot rod.

Bot mode: nobody pulls off the 2 guns stance better than this guy - "there's a hole in the shuttle!" PEW PEW PEW. He's got a bit of darker red parts with the yellow accents as highlights. To be honest, i only like this colour scheme because its hot rod, its so loud.

Head sculpt: the visor gimmick is very nice, in itself, worthy of admission fee. A recall to the G1 movie - again from the scene at lookout mountain - where hot rod drops visors to scope the incoming decepticons.

In summary, the F40, to me, is the most gorgeous alt mode amongst the alternator molds. The 1st release, mirage, looked good, but this cartoon based color scheme - alternators at that point had been authentic to decos that the actual cars were released in - is actually even better. The color scheme just pops, the mold works surprisingly well on hot rod, despite being a remold/repaint - as if it was always intended to make hot rod out of this mold. And the visor gimmick is really neat too, to my recollection, the 1st instance of this feature.

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