Thursday, August 21, 2014

Zazzle's POTC Black Pearl

Back when POTC3 came out, Zazzle put out a bunch of 3-3/4" scaled toys, which, evident from my dust collecting Star Wars figures, I am a sucker for. I posted these over at TFW2005, here's a retro review:

1st impressions: it's a huge biyatch!

"This is your last chance Jabba..."

The diving board is removable, the steering wheel is, uh, steerable.

The centre mast has a retractable zipline so the pirates can play Sky Commander: Defenders of the High Frontier.

Close up of the main deck:

The main deck slides open to reveal more play area underneath. There's a prison cell with a trap door above it - that's the brown hatch Orlando Bloom's character's dad is standing on. The cannons deploy in unison with a switch - the cannons can be moved around and your heart's desires.

Under the bridge is the captain's quarters...

...oops, apologies Lord Vader.

*force choke*

"Apology accepted, Captain Needa."

So besides the openable panel to access the captain's quarters, the ship also has a break apart portion of the hull (towards the front of the ship, for when you want to crash the ship into furniture or something) and working anchors when the ship moors itself at the kitchen table and what not.

All in all it's fun playset with lots of play value. It's cheap and at a scale that's compatible with a lot of other lines (GI Joes, Star Wars, etc.). Keep in mind it takes up a lot of space so you might want to keep the box handy for when you want to store it away.

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