Monday, September 01, 2014

600th TF: Generations Jetfire

I've kept a purchase list to track the number of robits I've accumulated over the years, ever since my 100th TF (book reissue cosmos) and my latest purchase happens to be my 600th: Generations jetfire.

(a couple'o side notes: Almost picked up one o them lil playskool Dino robits to lock in no. 600 as a joke - like my 300th, which was cyber slammer brawl. Also, this year with AoE coming out, my 500th bot was in 2011 when the previous movie, DotM, was released.)

We got a pretty decent version of him in voyager scale (back when classics 1st came out) so its a nice surprise hasbro found him worthy of another shot, this time at leader scale.

And it so happens that jetfire, along with recent releases whirl and roadbuster, were part of a collection of larger scale and more complex toys dubbed deluxe autobots way back in G1 - actually, I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't a coincidence at all.

On the same day I also got nightbeat - a personal fave - I was hoping I'd find him first to commemorate my 600th. He was featured prominently in the old marvel comics, and the idea of a robit Sherlock is pretty cool in itself. I passed on bumblebee and goldbug from the earlier waves, otherwise I might've been more prepared - this mold is a dud despite what appears to be a good looking design...but, it is nightbeat after all, and the head sculpt is pretty sweet.

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James said...

Love the Jetfire family portrait. Just got my Generations Jetfire in from Amazon, today. Ironically enough with Roadbuster, to boot. Weird.