Thursday, September 04, 2014

Bangsar Village's Lego Movie Showcase

Took these pics earlier this year (around March) but just got around to archiving them. Earlier this year we had the debut of Lego Movie, so BV2 took the opportunity to showcase Lego Movie merch, along with stuff from Friends and Chima line.

At that point it was just the 1st wave of Movie Lego sets, so to beef up the display modular sets were used as backdrop/diorama for the new toys. You'll note some MOC modular amongst the official ones:

The display for Friends was even bigger featuring a lot of landscape, with a lake as the centerpiece:

The Chima display was mostly a battlefield display, anchored by a MOC fortress:

Also, they had a full scale figure of ol' goldenrod in the store's window display, complete with light up eyes:

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