Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lego 60s Batmobile and other MOCs


The recent SDCC put out an exclusive lego set of batman and robin from the 60s show featuring the batmobile. Its hella limited, so when i saw MOCs of it popping up on flickr i thought, hey, i can do that!

So lo and behold, i came up with this 6 stud wide version (the official is 8 stud wide) so it cant accomodate both driver and passenger. In fact, bats head - from my TDKR the bat and bane's tumblr set - is fixed on a post because his body cant clear the canopy arch thingie.

But i like the overall, chibi-ized proportions and i dig how they interpret the front grille and hood - i say interpret here because as you can see from the real deal, theres a lot more going on in front of the car - and i just found it neat how they reduced that detail to the point where it looks familiar yet different. It just really works in terms of evoking the retro look and despite the size, still intricate enough to look very detail.


The micro scale build scene is one of the the reason i got back to lego and i havent done any in a really long while - i guess that mini modular set i reviewed awhile back really scratched that micro build itch. But the upcoming TRU promotion in October (US exclusive for now) for micro scale buildings reminded me how fun it is to build at this scale.

So here we have a town street scene with 3 building types, a street and a park. I started with the double storey shop first, which was based around using slope for canopies and that 2x1 bar frame thingie as a shop window.

Next came the middle block, which is a restaurant/diner, with the 3x1 arch as a base for the little portico.

Lastly came the municipal looking building, which started out with the fence part to form an entry collonade - which considering the other 2 buildings, makes this one look undersized - and 2 stud wide porthole parts to form a sort of bell tower.

Rest of the street/landscape is quite straightforward, with the trees in particular taking after how i built a minifig scales treehouse for my oldest daughter - i'll come around to showing that soon. I had put in some vehicles and figures but opted to omit em at the last minute for clarity sake.


Was fiddling with the curved parts and having recently messed around with the mini camper build, it just occurred to me that i've never tried putting together a VW beetle. In fact, the classic beetle is actually one of my fave evergreen designs - i've sneaked a bug or two, here and there in my architectural illustrations.


I saw somebody post this mini kitten christmas tree ornament - its an official product - at LOM's FB page and thought, hey! I've been putting off that lego creator cat and mouse set for ages - seems like a good time to take a crack at it. I particularly like how the legs are formed and assembled. Theyre even articulated!

After getting the kitten done i took a look at the hinge element and thought, hey! This would make good puppy dog ears. So, yeah.


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