Thursday, September 04, 2014

Lego Cubedudes at Bangsar Village

More pics i dug up from my FB feed. These were actually part of the showcase (late 2010) from previous post. I didn't know what these were at the time but after joining flickr MOC groups i learned about Cubedudes - based on a template by a popular MOC designer, its a type of character design highlighting the head sculpt of a given character. The head sculpt is comprised 3x3 stud horizontally and about 3 bricks high but the main feature of this design is the corner of the cube (hence, cubedudes) which forms the front of the characters face. The 3 bricks height of the head allows elements to be broken down to tiles to form eyes, mouth, etc. and the overall size of the cube head allows for quite a bit or articulation of the features.

The display was actually part of a competition - i forget the prize - to name all the characters in the display. See if you can name them all:

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