Monday, September 01, 2014

Lego Ghostbusters (and a couple'o MOCs)

Been looking forward to this set (released couple'o weeks back but i opted to wait for the best local price) and Jon (little Lego shop) - same place I got the BTTF set - comes thru yet again!

Bigger and with more figures than the BTTF set, exto-1 comes in a similar package design-wise, including the thick stock booklet and minimalist graphics to give that premium look and feel.

Assembly was fun and engaging - about an hour in a single sitting - and features the usual techniques and tricks associated for these relatively more complex build - I particular like how the side windows are put together and fixed, sideways and on posts. After building it, I've still no idea what all the gimmicky looking doodads on the roof are, but that was certainly a fun bit of greebling work.

Last but not least the set wouldn't be complete without the minifigs. Too bad they opted for initials instead of their surnames (space limitation, likely) but this makes up for my lack of The Real Ghostbusters merch, the mego scaled real action hero line in particular, which I've been putting off for forever. But now I'm really starting to miss out on that Lego store exclusive haunted house...

Also built a few MOCs over the weekend. First up is a biker scout. Had intended it as a compliment piece to a speeder bike I did some time ago, but looks like he came up a bit 'short'. BAZINGA.

Next up is Finn and Jake from adventure time. This is actually retooled a bit from the initial build, and even then I still find something off about em, with Jake in particular. But they'll do for now.

I do these builds while tending to my kids, and seeing Finn and Jake, my older daughter asked me to build her in Lego - so I obliged. Once I finished I passed it to her and she looked it over incredulously, finally commenting that it didn't look like her because she recently loss a tooth - pointing to her front upper row. So I took out the 2x1 tile that was originally there and replaced it with a 1x1. 'Oh! Now it looks like me!' After the several MOCs I've done around her, she seemed most impressed I improvised that little detail.

(later I added her younger sister to the mix of aaliya, Finn and jake's adventure time, but she didn't look too pleased honestly, heh.)

Also, here's a shot of mixels series 1, which I completed some time ago but didn't feel like updating since I'm now in the middle of completing series 2. Series 3 is out on the shelves too, so I might just do the round up once I get em all.

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