Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lego MOC: Family Bungalow

Been working on this MOC (its for my kids, i swear!) on and off for the past week and i think i'm about done tinkering with the damn thing. The set is comprised of my daughters' sets that include mostly from lego's blue and pink small tub sets, and also some sets from the 'friends' series.

Front view of the 2 modules aligned together: a pink house with pool and BBQ setup, and a yellow house with a treehouse and a doghouse.

Interior view where i swing the yellow house so that both modules are parallel to each other. The treehouse area now becomes a backyard.

Interiors of pink house: kitchen, ground floor study, attic bedroom and roof deck.

Interior of yellow house has the living and dining area that compliments pink house ground floor functions.

Attic space of yellow house is a bathroom, complete with a WC, a basin and a tub.

Close up of yellow house yard, with its treehouse and the doghouse.

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