Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Masterpiece Wheeljack, 'Rumah Kampung' MOC


Wheeljack was probably my fave G1 character. I say character, because while Sideswipe was my fave toy (robot design, alt mode), i always dug Wheeljack's kooky 'accident prone scientist with penchant for stunt driving' bio. Wheeljack also turned into a bitchin' lancia stratos, which if you played Top Deck game back in the day, was a killer card to have.

I got the japness amazon version with the toolbox. I think it really helps nail Wheeljack's look as far as making him distinct as a science guy, compared to the rest of the good guys with more generic functions - warriors, gunners - basically military roles (althought to be fair the Autobots were quite varied in terms of function - Skids was a theoretician, which i had to look up in the dictionary as a kid). I just picture Wheeljack in a huff in between tests and experiments, being called up by Optimus with scientific queries like 'are you sure its a good idea to make robit dinosaurs?'


In the last post i MOCd a modern house. From the other end of that spectrum, here's my take on something traditional - a malay village 'rumah kampung'. The type is based around the 'ibu rumah' - the central portion of the house, with the other components connected to it according to hierarchy. The entrance of the house is an 'anjung' - a raised terrace with decorative steps in cement with tiles finish (most notably seen in houses from the state of Melaka). The kitchen and dining of the house is usually at ground level, and in post colonial times would be built with masonry base, to reduce threat of termites.

The best part of this build is greebling out the details of the yard. Kampung house yards tend to be very neat and tidy actually, but i chose give it an organic/natural look to give more richness in terms of detail to the build.

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