Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mini MOCs: Architecture

Quite happy with my last micro build exercise (town street) and decided to revisit a type that i initially tested building at this scale: the shophouse.


I'm familiar with straits (as in, of malacca) settlement architecture - i did my student measured drawing study on a taiping shophouse and an urban study on kampung cina, kuala terengganu - so i've always been fond of this type of building. I wanted to make new variations based on my previous build while working with similarly colorful palette. Similar to the previous build, i staggered the individual shops to make them look less homogenous.

The street market is represented by a bunch stalls, the canopies formed by slopes of varying colors. And using minifigure bases - with studs along the centre of the plate - i can arrange the stalls diagonal to the shophouses, giving the street market its cluttered look.


Being an architect actually works against me as far as working up the motivation to create something looking designed in lego - its like, i already look enough at this sort of crap at the workplace so the last thing i wanna do is bring that home.

Anyways, i thought i'd give a proper shot at doing something clean and articulate - trickier to do at this size in terms suggesting scale and detail. Two elements that provide granular effect here are the grille tiles and grooved bricks.

I use the grille tiles to suggest trellis detailing at the terrace area roof. On the front facade i use the grooved bricks as wall texture that gives a sense of scale.

You can also see grille tiles used as louvres at the windows beneath the pitched roof. Quite pleased with how the terrace stairs turned out actually, the angle produced using a hinge plate.

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