Thursday, September 04, 2014

More Lego Showcase at Bangsar Village

Was going through my FB album and just noticed there's a bunch of pics from years ago that never made it onto the blog. The pics below are actually from 2 different events, 1st up is this collection of pics (late 2012) from middle age village display:

entirely original creations, its a fairly large diorama (comparable to the POTC display at Mid Valley in my previous post), comprised of town market scene, a town square and the whole things anchored by a large castle. The POTC one maybe be more impressive (since it's bigger and even has caves as interior spaces) but where the POTC display used official sets, i believe this is all original design and its nicely put together.

The market scene looks very lively and the structures are varied in scale and design.

Even the centre court of the castle is spacious and nicely detailed.

And you can see from this view (and the 1st image in this set) just how big it is overall based based on the scale of the town square; they certainly didn't skimp on base plates.

There were a few smaller, superhero based dioramas too, notably this batcave design (this is from around the time The Dark Knight Returns came out).

This set of images is from an even older event (evident from the non-cellphone pictures), around late 2010. Several setpieces were displayed based on different themes, these are the few noteworthy ones that i liked:

Cool native american diorama, if not mistaken these are comprised by official sets.

A very cool (not to mention huge) MOC cafe.

And a nicely detailed fairground carousel - i could be wrong but i believe this was from an official set.

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