Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lego Tron Cycle, Wall-E & Sandcrawler

Another productive weekend of MOCing sci-fi related builds. Coincidentally, they're also all Disney properties.


I had these red drums from an Atlantis Brickmaster set for quite awhile and never had a use for em. Then I saw a MOC using em for a tron light cycle (as part of an Area 51 themed diorama) - this is my own build, and it just so happened that my latest kid's set comes with those medium sized 'umbrella' discs. The grey bits along the bottom of the bike are in no way accurate and was just me winging it.


I just noticed the tires i used for the wheels on my bike MOCs could actually be used as tank treads, so i used Wall-E to test this out. Quite happy with how this turned out - way better than i expected. His eyes, neck, arms and wrist are all articulated. Just short of giving him a working front compartment.


This is my 3rd take on this vehicle. Where the 1st 2 i cheated - they were put together so you could only take a picture from a particular angle for the build to work - this one is proper. The loading hatch opens, the front panels are tapered and the rear of the vehicle is detailed out. Plus, thanks to the Wall-E build: working tracks! I had to cut and split a truck tire into halves tho - i only had a pair of the motorcycle tires.

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