Thursday, November 13, 2014

MYAH! Masters Of The Universe Baddies MOCs

Transformers may be my main thing, but as a kid MOTU was right up there with robits and bricks. Between me and my brothers we had almost 3 dozen figures and unlike Transformers, MOTU figures were quite robust i.e. i actually let my brothers play with the figures they're supposed to 'own'. MYAH AH AH.


Skeletor's here the leader of the bad guys. This was the character that inspired me to have a go at these. I've seen a bunch of MOCs of skull designs and wanted to give it a go. I had these pair of 2x1 bricks with the circular holes and thought they were a good starting point for his eyes (well, eye-sockets really). I wanted to utilize wedges to form a triangular shape for his, uh, nose, so the whole head is built with studs on the bottom and just rest on his shoulders but kept in place by opposing studs.


Trap-jaw's here my fave character design amongst the bad guys. He's like frankenstein's monster but that metal jaw is what i really like about him: BA CHOMP BA CHEWY CHOMP. Also, interchangeable limbs are always cool - the toy's robotic right hand could be swapped between gun, hook and claw accessories. This design started with the jaw design - the jaw and helmet forms a single piece with the face portion (built with studs facing down) wedged in between.


Most of the henchmen are useless but Beast-man here is pretty much Skeletor's bitch. With this build i wanted to express his beard/mane, which in turn frame his ugly mug. And with his colours being largely homogeneous in red and orange i wanted to be sure his blue accents (the rings below his eyes, his chest medallion) were picked up.

I'm pumped to do the good guys now. But with the human-based designs being relatively bland in comparison, the selection won't be as obvious as with the bad guys, which variety in look and colors make em visually pop more.

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