Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Transformers Masterpiece #22: Ultra Magnus

Managed to sneak in 1 last robit for the year and its this guy:

Ultra magnus has always been a cool looking design but everybody shits on him in no small part thanks to that immortal line from the movie: "I can't deal with that now!" What an asshole.

(Plus, Haskatomy keeps insisting on repainting prime molds white and calling it a day. Magnus gets no respect, i tell ya.)

That said, he's had decent versions before like in Car Robots/RiD (but even then he just comes apart to become prime's armor), the Animated version was pretty badass. And i hear good things about the Prime version too.

But i can safely say this one blows em all away.

1st impressions: he's huge. The last 12-incher since MP rodimus, but this time with some heft too. Another plus is that he's pretty easy to transform. I read somewhere a comparison to MP grimlock in terms being fun to transform and thats a good way of putting it.

Only nitpick i have is on mine you can see the red paint apps bleed a bit along the bottom edge of his torso (the other side of the panel is white - part of the truck's cab in car carrier mode) but otherwise he's worth the price tag - and if your the type to wait for the hasbro version - even worth the little bit extra to import.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

TF Update: MP Bee and Generations Scoop

Just a quick update on the robits side of things:

MP BUMBLEBEE (and Spike with Exo-Suit)

Everybody's gushing about our favourite li'l yellow robit, and deservedly so. Preview pics made me wary of the messy looking backpack design but in hand this figure feels just perfect. He's always been a sort of little brother amongst the Autobots and for whatever reason it's made his toys, including this, just easy to like and fun to fiddle around with.

You're alright too, Spike.


Hard to get excited for this guy on account of the latest addition to the Masterpiece lineup - and the fact I only caught him now thanks to a refresh assortment. He's actually quite solid - simple and good looking design without any glaring flaws (if you can get past the Cheetos colour scheme) and the double targetmaster figures are pretty decent too - but at this point I'm just playing catch up with the Generations line.

Legofan of Malaysia (LOM) Exhibit, Kidz Expo at Midvalley Megamall (December 2014)

Earlier this month, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre hosted Kidz Expo, a school holiday event. One of the exhibit was this Lego diorama put together by local FB-based LUG, LOM (Legofan of Malaysia). The builds displayed included both official sets and MOCs. I didn't make it to the event myself but luckily guys like Bruce Lee - no, not THAT Bruce Lee. This guy:


- was on hand to share nice pics like these for us to enjoy.

Couple'o official modulars. From left: Palace Cinema, Parisian Cafe, Town Hall, Pet Store...

...Fire Station and Grand Emporium.

Couple'o MOC modulars...

...a modern looking hospital MOC...

...couple'o MOC shops, the one on the right appears to be a surf shop...

...an MOC of a Ferrari showroom - check out the Racers-scaled cars from Shell's last Lego promotion...

...some close ups of more MOC modulars, modernist designs of an architect's office and timepiece showroom, i think (which is just a fancy way of saying this shop sells watches)...

...a different angle of the watch shop: cool looking wall clock and clockwork-like detailing...

...close up of a bullock cart, part of a street made up of old-town shophouses...

...there was also a Castle/medieval-era diorama, here's a close up of a tavern, i'm guessing...

...and lastly, back to the city diorama, a cool shot of a sax-blowing bluesman on top of a modular.

There's a lot more pics of all the cool looking MOCS from the event:


And you can really see the effort and creativity put out by these bunch of guys (and girls) into their builds. Lego diorama's are cool; Lego diorama made up of original fan designs even more so.