Sunday, December 21, 2014

TF Update: MP Bee and Generations Scoop

Just a quick update on the robits side of things:

MP BUMBLEBEE (and Spike with Exo-Suit)

Everybody's gushing about our favourite li'l yellow robit, and deservedly so. Preview pics made me wary of the messy looking backpack design but in hand this figure feels just perfect. He's always been a sort of little brother amongst the Autobots and for whatever reason it's made his toys, including this, just easy to like and fun to fiddle around with.

You're alright too, Spike.


Hard to get excited for this guy on account of the latest addition to the Masterpiece lineup - and the fact I only caught him now thanks to a refresh assortment. He's actually quite solid - simple and good looking design without any glaring flaws (if you can get past the Cheetos colour scheme) and the double targetmaster figures are pretty decent too - but at this point I'm just playing catch up with the Generations line.

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