Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Transformers Masterpiece #22: Ultra Magnus

Managed to sneak in 1 last robit for the year and its this guy:

Ultra magnus has always been a cool looking design but everybody shits on him in no small part thanks to that immortal line from the movie: "I can't deal with that now!" What an asshole.

(Plus, Haskatomy keeps insisting on repainting prime molds white and calling it a day. Magnus gets no respect, i tell ya.)

That said, he's had decent versions before like in Car Robots/RiD (but even then he just comes apart to become prime's armor), the Animated version was pretty badass. And i hear good things about the Prime version too.

But i can safely say this one blows em all away.

1st impressions: he's huge. The last 12-incher since MP rodimus, but this time with some heft too. Another plus is that he's pretty easy to transform. I read somewhere a comparison to MP grimlock in terms being fun to transform and thats a good way of putting it.

Only nitpick i have is on mine you can see the red paint apps bleed a bit along the bottom edge of his torso (the other side of the panel is white - part of the truck's cab in car carrier mode) but otherwise he's worth the price tag - and if your the type to wait for the hasbro version - even worth the little bit extra to import.

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