Thursday, January 08, 2015

2015 Lego Star Wars Microfighters & Stikfas Retrospective

Lego's 2015 sets are out and these are the ones I've been looking forward to: Micro Fighters At-At, Snow Speeder and Republic Gunship - I started collecting new Lego since they put out the Planet Series mini vehicles and I think the Micro Fighters are a great way of extending the concept while avoiding rehashing previous versions of mini SW releases.

Quality in Series 2 is no different from the 1st - tho this time there are more prequel vehicles. They even include some parts that I've not come across - 4x1 plate with 2 hinge points, 2 4x2 plates connected by a 2x2 brick - tho these were prolly included to lessen brick count. I still find these fun to build and I like fact you can put em together in under 10 minutes.

My pick for this batch would be the Snow Speeder. Looks great with nice details (the wing mounted cannon, rear exhaust grille) and its flick missiles placement is the least obstrusive. My only complaint would be for the At-At, which legs i think could've been more detailed or even extended to include the knee joints for that matter.

Been cleaning my display shelves and I totally forgot I had these: Stikfas kit figures.

Brick/designer figures were the rage back in the early 00's (Kubricks for instance) and some manufacturers tried to tap into that market by making their own variations. While Diamond Select came up with Minimates - brick figure designs, but with poseable articulation, a little outfit based in Singapore - Bany J. came up with the concept of combining brick figures with model kits. So Stikfas figures came unassembled on sprues and you put em together yourself and if you're inclined you can even paint em up. The kits came with accessories and stickers, and the whole thing is to encourage you to customize your own characters.

They put out a decent run, but these are the ones that I liked: the fireman, the samurai, the robot and the clear version. I guess they're pretty good in quality since in its been 10 years and the stickers are still in good condition and their joints are all still tight. The Stikfas concept would later be brought over into the Xevoz line by Hasbro (Hasbro also distributed for Stikfas), with more detailed designs and sculpts. But I still prefer the original for its minimalist look and designer's aesthetics.

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