Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lego MOC: MOTU Good Guys

Continuing my run of MOTU MOCs from couple'o weeks back, here's my take on the good guys.


I guess i shoulda done He-Man, but i really wanted to do a take of Adam going I SAID HEY! WHAT'S GOING ON! Plus, i get to use palette from my kid's pink tub set.


Roboto is my fave, no, wait, 2nd fave MOTU character design, largely in part to the clear plastic torso with rotating gears - which is the main inspiration of this build. The robot beak was fun to figure out, and i like the way how the robot visors turn out too, thanks to baby blue curved 4x1 plate from my kid's friends set. Purple crotch and lower legs? Again, courtesy of my kid's pink tub set.


I had actually set out to do my fave MOTU character: Rio Blast - he's a handlebar mustachioed wild west lawman who's a walking arsenal, thanks to a buttload of pop out weapons. But i thought this was a chance to do a female build (yay, boobies!) and while Teela 1st came to mind (goat horn rimmed bras!), i chose Sorceress for her nicer color scheme and for her wings, which would make the build more distinctive. The headdress was fun to do, and while i didn't have enough orange coloured curved slopes to do the wings in the correct color, i happen to have the curved arches in orange to do the headdress' bird, uh, mustache thingies.


Edit: Found 2x2 domes in my kid's friends set, so made some, uh, "enhancements" to Sorceress, teehee.