Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Masterpiece Seekers: A Retrospective

I've been putting off getting the new MP seeker mold (based on MP-11 Starscream) but with Takatomy's Asia Exclusive Skywarp coming out (Hasbro released Thundercracker in the mold some time back), I'm getting the itch to dump the old MP seekers and start collecting the new ones, ugh. Typing this out to see if it'll help me change my mind...stupid jet robits.

Anyways, the seeker design was the second new mold to come out in the then new Masterpiece line with MP-3 Starscream (the 1st being Convoy - MP-2 was a white repaint of Magnus). It was a somewhat departure from the approach to Optimus' mold: where MP-1's priority was the robot mode - the truck mode wasn't actually perfect in terms of capturing the look and details of a real life truck - MP-3 designers opted to do the reverse. They designed an alt mode that would fit proudly on a modellers shelf - but the robot mode was compromised: the MP-3 mold featured kibble/plane bits hanging off at the shoulders (not so bad) and the hip (more blatantly). Sure the mold still looked good and was fun to pose - you could angle the hip kibble so that they looked less visually offensive by hiding it in profile - but nobody would mistake the mold as cartoon accurate.

Takara released Skywarp as the 2nd repaint and Hasbro got in on the action when they released their version of Starscream in colors that were more cartoon accurate - with the theme of going realistic for MP-3, Takara had opted for a greenish-grey color scheme for their version of Starscream.

MP-3 was a good stand in for Thundercracker, at least until Takara finally released the 3rd repaint. The color scheme for both Skywarp and Thundercracker were both not exactly cartoon accurate either, but true to Takara's rep the colors were deep and lush - the glossy finish really helped in making them look high end.

But y'know, it's not like I don't have enough Decepticon Seekers. Besides the Classics version (I got suckered for the Botcon version of Thundercracker, too), I still have the Robotmasters version (which pre-dated the Classics line), WST versions (Skywarp and Thundercracker are originals and since they were shortpacked I had to spend a bit extra) and of course, the G1 Reissues.

Me being a pack rat though, I'll probably collect the new molds AND keep the old ones. STUPID JET ROBITS.

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