Thursday, January 08, 2015

Transformers: Combiner Wars

...G1 style! Still waiting for the new line to be released here. So in the meantime, let's take a look at the original Scramble City combiners: Superion, Menasor, Defensor and Bruticus.

The G1 Japanese name for the combining gimmick was Scramble City - you had a torso robit as the leader of each team and the other 4 smaller members would form interchangeable limbs - I had a few of the figures back in the day, but didn't have enough to complete a full gestalt (combined) mode. But even as an adult collector I'm not that crazy about em - the smaller robits were worse bricks compared to the regular, non-combining figures and when you put em together the result is just a bigger brick robit.

Still, I guess the appeal is not just the combining gimmick itself - but the fact you can change the limbs amongst the different teams so you can make up your own unique combinations. But the OCD in me just wouldn't have that - I'd have Menasor short of one limb, but even when I had Swindle or Vortex that could've taken Wildrider's place, 11-year old just wouldn't have that mix and match nonsense.

My fave combiner is still the original: Devastator. He may be lacking the Scramble City gimmick, which is in fact the reason I prefer him for his unique combination. And the unified color scheme is pretty cool too. This dude has been knocked off so many times, he even comes in varying scales.

Another guy with a unique combination is Predaking. Similar to the Constructicons all the members are similar sized, but the Predacons are individually larger and heavier - if you have the version with the die cast. He's a fan fave amongst combining robits but I'm not big on this mold for whatever reason. But he is significantly huge and heavy, so he's definitely unique in that aspect.

The Scramble City guys have also been KO'd as mini versions. Not that great in quality but they look great scaled to the Metroplex and Trypticon (who were in fact designed to work with the Scramble City combiners).

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