Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Generations Brainstorm, Combiner Wars Powerglide & Bombshell


Yet another much anticipated figure - not only for being a cool cat (mysterious mad scientist type) in IDW's MTMTE comics - but more importantly, the return of the Headmaster gimmick!

He comes in bot mode so the 1st thing you'll notice, the aesthetic is somewhat different than the rest of the line in general. Brainstorm's features has more angles and tapered lines, which sort of of looks Gundam-influenced, at least till you remember that's how he's drawn in the comics, courtesy of artists Alex Milne and Nick Roche. Where both artist have their own distinct individual style but both take liberal cues (read: non-boxy) when drawing transforming robits - unlike somebody like Guido Guidi, who draws a more traditional style.

You would think the stylized robot mode sacrifices the alt mode - a futuristic jet, as per the G1 version - but i'm gonna say it actually benefits from the simple transformation. And the fact that its looks seems to be in line with contemporary sci-fi design - Brainstorm's jet mode wouldn't look out of place in Guardians of the Galaxy for instance - certainly helps.

The mold isn't without its faults, specifically related to the Headmaster gimmick. I think they copped out giving Arcana (the name of Brainstorm's Headmaster, as per G1) elbows, so his whole arm is just a single chunk of the head's side plate. And the paint on the Headmaster looks a bit thin - Arcana's feet blue paint app is rubbed off along the toes straight out of the box. But all in all i think Hasbro's attempt at a modern Headmaster figure is a success. More robits with pilots and working cockpits, please.


These guys may be part of the new line - they have a 3rd weapon mode so Superion or Menasor can use them like Targetmasters - but they could've been released under Generations and it wouldn't have made a difference...except that they'd get minicon-sized Targetmaster partners themselves, like upsized Legends scale figures before them, huh.


These guys continue the excellence of Hasbro's work at this scale - the complexity is as good as deluxes and the smallest class figures now get an upgrade in size. Powerglide's transformation is a bit fiddly but either mode is pretty solid once you get the hang of him - his feet and tailfins are a bit twitchy. Bombshell is very simple but gets the job done. Kinda feel his horn thingie a bit on the stumpy side tho. But in general these guys are pretty good for what they are. Hope they'll do Kickback, natch, and since they've made amends for Powerglide on steroids (the Ultra class version - i still have that, too), they should give Seaspray the same treatment too. GLUB GLUB.

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