Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spaceship! Vintage Lego 918 Space Transport

Ever since getting a Benny minifig (from The Lego Movie) i've had an itch for some classic space lego. Finally found this beaut on the cheap (sans paperwork and packaging, cheap shipping from europe) on ebay.

I actually had this set as a kid (prolly one of the earlier sets i got as most of my lego then were from Lego Town sets that date later) and fortunately for my wallet its the smallest set amongst the 1st three original spaceships (the other 2 being the medium sized 924 and the ginormous 928).

The grey parts are slightly yellowed due to aging, but otherwise the parts are all in good condition. Its a lot smaller than i remember (i was 6 or 7 when i got this from a shopping trip at Orchard Road, Singapore) but i can still recall all the cool things about the set, like the hinged roof canopy in trans yellow, those little storage doors at the rear and the old school siren parts (which i recently found out are meant to be maneouvring thrusters).

Only negative to this set is now i'm hankering for MORE classic space stuff.

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