Monday, March 02, 2015

Combiner Wars Leader Megatron

I've been holding off from buying Combiner Wars figures - waiting on Arcee and Armada Starscream in transit to finish of the previous Generations stuff - but saw this on the shelves and couldn't help myself. Initial pics by Hasbro had me think BLEGH but then people started getting this in hand and they were all like YAY and were posting pics that made me go HMMM and now that i have him in hand i can confirm WHOA.

The thing that strikes you first is the killer headsculpt. I always thought the MP version was already perfect, looks-wise, but this one trumps it. The better proportions of the face (the MP was kinda elongated) makes him look meaner and you combine that with the size and heft a leader class toy and you end up with a figure that just exudes badassery. You can also see how the designers have consciously design it with the G1 version in mind, evident by sculpted details in the upper arms and lower legs that resemble a non-existent gun alt mode.

The mold isn't without its faults: in fact there's lots of it. Wonky feet. Weird shoulder joints. Fidgety lower arm flaps. Gun that tapers too much at the muzzle. Parts that don't quite integrate in alt mode - the crotch plate just sorta wedges itself into the back of the tank mode (which to be fair is a pretty good tank mode, with swivelling turret and working tracks).


For some reason this toy just works. Its whole is better than the sum of its parts and its one of those figure that just grows on you the more you mess with it.

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