Thursday, March 05, 2015

Generations Arcee, Starscream (Armada)


Finally, an official G1 Arcee!

Well, technically this Arcee is based on the IDW comics version - she comes with the obligatory pack-in comic and she wields double swords (IDW arcee started out as an assassin) - but the design itself, both robot and alt mode, is clearly based on the G1 version (1st seen in the '86 movie). I have a 3P version of her thats less backpack-y, but the alt mode on that sucked, not to mention its basically a knockoff - yeah, thats right: i went there - so its really great to finally have an official, faithful to G1, playable and mass produced quality Arcee.

...even if its based on the sociopathic, gender altered version of her. Goddammit, IDW.


IDW Starscream's design is taken after the Armada version - in the RID comic starscream undergoes a reformat during the Dark Cybertron saga and the design is lifted directly from the line that brought back the TF brand to the states in the early 00's. Armada starscream was noteable for bringing back megatron's old sidekick back into the mainline and he was memorable in the cartoon series for his relationship with Alexis - a female human character - which resulted in him making a sacrifice by, uh, just scoot over TFwiki to read more about it.

Bottom line is fan fave version of a principal character at new scale with better articulation: gotta have it.

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