Sunday, September 20, 2015

TFCC Octopunch, Lego Scooby Doo Mystery Machine

This is what it feels like between now and the last time i posted a toy haul:

So I've been really busy lately; had to go outstation for work quite a bit in the last 6 months, had a new addition to the family in July, plus earlier in the year traded in my ER6 for this, which really put a dent to toy spending:

A 2006 ducati sport classic 1000 monoposto. I write more about it over at my g+ account.


Octopunch here's a repaint of TFU seaspray and works surprisingly well just on the strength of the headsculpt alone. I skipped seaspray, not a big fan of this mold (i don't care for the 'movie' legs) but the colors look great on the toy and you really don't get a lot of opportunities for a character design like octopunch. His tentacles are missing here but i suppose the shoulder turbines visually work as appendages. Also, now that i've point out how his chest deco looks like ducks, you can't unsee it.


I've always wanted a playset of this - my kids and i love scooby doo - and the whole line looks great. The mystery machine opens up into its own command centre-like playset with computers, a console and pin-up boards but most importantly it's got a burner for shaggy and scooby to grille sandwiches! It also comes with a spooky animatronic tree and a zombie if you're into the whole actually playing with your lego thing.

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