Sunday, November 15, 2015

LOM and Synergy LEGO Dream and Build Event at One Utama SC (Part 4)

LOM's Facebook page was updated with more pics from the event. There's a bunch of miscellaneous stuff of varying themes (superhero stuff, other Lego themes, Alan Yap's Lego Transformers, dioramas/vignettes) but these are the highlights for me. You can see more pics here:

LUG Of Malaysia Facebook Album

Again, great looking pics taken by Bruce Lee Photography.

1st up are these heritage-themed builds featuring straits settlement type shophouses featuring colonial influence architecture:

Another type of Lego build that i'm very fond of: microbuild! Featuring some of Malaysia's prominent landmarks and heritage-type buildings:

Friday, November 13, 2015

...And Now For Something Completely Different!

I had been sitting on this post quite awhile and wasn't sure where to post it. So with the lack of recent updates just thought i'd dump this here: the miscellaneous bikes i've ridden over the years:


My dad bought this 750 sometime in 1992. I had just entered uni so it ended up becoming my daily ride (the uni i went to was just 25km from home). It was my 1st big bike experience and my 1st ride out i dropped it at a corner due to a patch of sand. My dad was the sporting type and he laughed it off.

In hindsight this was a good bike for a 1st big bike. For a cruiser it handled light and was very nimble (thanks to the short wheelbase). The finish was excellent and the shaft drive meant low maintenance. The motor was torquey but never felt overwhelming. I also rode the 1100 version but for town riding you wouldn't feel much difference between the two.


This 1200cc was billed as a power cruiser but its pretty much a street legal drag machine. Notable for its V-4 configuration (4 cylinders as opposed to the usual twin) the acceleration from standstill was incredible - good thing they gave wide wheels and stiff handling to make it manageable at launch. You're limited in the open road only due to the lack of wind protection but it's still great fun in town between traffic lights.


Yet another cruiser but this time from the other japanese premium marquee - Honda. Stylistically i think this 600 works better than the virago as far as emulating it's american counterpart - Harley Davidson was very popular at this time - but performance wise it wasn't as good as the virago, the virago's motor just had more character. Best thing i can say about it is the ergo, which is more stretched out, hence it feels more like an american cruiser.


Next i rode this 600 sport tourer, which was also my 1st experience with an inline 4 bike. Middle of the road in terms of looks but really a great all around bike. Nimble in town and comfortable for long distances. May be boring if you're looking for thrills but as a daily rider you'd be hard pressed to find complaints.


Another inline 4 sports tourer, emphasis on sports. Fun bike, looks great. Definitely had a premium feel but i had a bit of a recurring problem with the battery. Otherwise my only knock was that the bike, as a stepping stone to something more performance orientated, made me feel like i was missing out on Honda's best bike at the time, the CBR900 Fireblade.


After not riding since the mid 90s, the bug bit me again in 2010 and i picked up this 650, my 1st Kawasaki. I had set my sight on a street/naked bike when i surveyed the market, although to be honest i'd have preferred a high revving inline 4.

Still, i found the parallel twin not only very useable in town but - combined with the neutral ergo and light handling - also fun. Although once you're on the highway you quickly felt inadequate due to how buzzy it is at higher speeds. Still, it was relatively inexpensive to own and maintain so there's that.


I felt like i was outgrowing the ER6, so i set my sights on something sportier. But then i saw this bike in tron legacy and never shook off my infatuation (i had it for my PC wallpaper for 3 years) until one day by chance i catch an ad by a local dealer.

The bike ticked off several boxes for me: Minimalist, classic look, premium brand (my 1st european bike), litre bike but feels like a middle weight. Its got its drawbacks though: Finicky to look after, tough to ride - really made me appreciate how user friendly japanese bikes are - expensive to maintain. But the looks you get riding this, and the open road experience of the bike - the feel and sound of the ride - despite how i still get excited at newer models, like BMWs r nine t and Yamaha's MT09, i can see this bike being a keeper.

All the bikes above were daily rides, but - courtesy of my dad and brother - i did get to thrash these bikes around town, enough to get a good feel for em:


Like its predecessor, the revived XJ model is comfortable and competent. Its a lot more zippy than the 90s version and the wheelbase is great in long corners, you can get some great lean angles for a tourer and the suspension is smooth considering the bikes modest specs. Pretty much like the older model; looks boring but solid performance.


A naked bike with supermoto genes, this 690cc reinforced my impression of european bikes: More niche in terms of their approach to design/performance, but loads of fun. Handles like a truck yet twitchy at the same time, great motor - a single - that's fun to rev, loads of character. Pain in the ass when it comes to practicality but a blast to ride if youre looking for a thrill.

Some pics of me back in the day:

Me and the F2.

That's the Diversion in yellow to the right.

Me with the 1100 Virago.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

LOM and Synergy LEGO Dream and Build Event at One Utama SC (Part 3)

Here ye, here ye! Alas, the third instalment of this pictorial web posting on the LOM and Synergy LEGO Dream and Build Event at One Utama shopping mall yonder, featuring illustrious original craftings by adult practitioners of children's miniature masonry set. Enter yon link below for further views of the splendid exhibit:

LUG Of Malaysia Facebook Album

Again, enchanting prints produced by some sort of light focusing device, which could only be explain by sorcery - likely of oriental origins judging by thy name - courtesy of Bruce Lee Photography.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

LOM and Synergy LEGO Dream and Build Event at One Utama SC (Part 2)

Too many stuff for a single post, so Part 2 here showcases Star Wars and Friends theme stuff. Again, more pics here:

LUG Of Malaysia Facebook Album

All pics by Bruce Lee Photography.

Something from the upcoming movie to start with:

But old will always be gold. Something from Tattoine...

...something from Dagobah...

...and something from (moon of) Endor.

And a couple'o microscaled stuff - the battlefield from Hoth and the Death Star trench run.

From the Friends display. There's a number of modular type MOCs but i thought the fairground MOC was particularly outstanding.