Tuesday, November 10, 2015

LOM and Synergy LEGO Dream and Build Event at One Utama SC (Part 1)

There's a lego exhibit happening at One Utama Shopping Centre currently, organized the local LUG. There's a bunch of photos from their facebook page, here's some of the highlights from the City/Modular display. You can see even more pics here:

LUG Of Malaysia Facebook Album

Great pics again by Bruce Lee Photography.

They did a christmas theme, so 1st up is this very festive build, just to set the tone:

Some of these modulars are MOCs seen from previous exhibit, modified for the christmas theme, but quite a bit are new and specific to the winter season.

I quite like these neo-classical/victorian-era looking shopfronts, they look appropriately well-researched:

These are cute: local specific builds of a Petronas Gas Station and a TNB substation with the winter season treament:

These oriental influenced designs are well articulated and nicely detailed:

Gotta love the simplicity of this art deco styled hospital:

Holy modulars, Batman! They even threw in these MOCs of 'Wayne Manor' and 'Joker's Lair'.

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