Saturday, December 26, 2015

Rey's Speeder, MOC Boba Fett & Rebel Droids

You know the new Star Wars movie is good when it makes you rush to the toy store to buy new merch.

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I've been generally ignoring TFA merch, but having seen the movie, was inspired to get this set to get Rey's minifig. Finn was great too, but I thought Rey really carried this movie. That moment when she force grabs the saber away from Kylo: goosebumps.

Her speeder doesn't do much in the movie but its a nice recall to luke's speeder (with the bevelled corners, but turned on its side), even anakin's pod racer from TPM. But its an integral part to Rey's backstory as a mechanically savvy scavenger living off imperial wreckages in Jakku.

The build is missing the side netting, which in the movie is what holds her loot. Instead, its got a gimmick where the thruster act as a knob that operate the side panels, which open up for storage.


Since I'm all hyped on Star Wars, decided to try my hand at some character builds. Here's the coolest bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett. Boba's so cool Darth Vader actually addresses him specifically in the group briefing in ESB. He's so cool he's got the 2nd coolest ship in the franchise, Slave 1. Sure he goes out like a biyatch in ROTJ, BUT STILL.

C3PO & R2D2

Just enough time for 1 more build before I hit the road for the holidays - well, 1 plus 1 actually, I couldn't do 1 without the other. Ol' goldenrod and rustbucket here may be sidekicks but they're the heart and soul of the franchise and both get their moments in the new movie.

Monday, December 21, 2015

You're one ugly MOCer...: Lego Predator, MotoGP's Rossi & Stoner

Seems i still got a little in the tank for remainder of 2015 for some new MOCs.


I watched Predator as kid on VHS - 1st instance of hearing the F word on screen. Was a full on fan of Arnold back then but even he had to contend with how charismatic the hunter-alien bad guy turned out be (to the point the Predator gets to play good guy roles in future spinoffs). Its a combination of things, really: the imposing physique, despite its size how graceful it moves. The Batman like gadgets, 1st person heat vision views, the voice mimicry. THE COOL DREADS. That 1st movie had a buttload of memorable characters and one liners but the bad guy still stands out despite being 'hidden' for 2/3rds of the movie. Badass.


Flossi and Moaner are 2 rival MotoGP riders with their history of clashes on and off the track.

Flossi, despite being a fan favourite due to his charisma and record setting success (9 championships in total over multiple classes), belies his cut throat competitiveness and aggressive overtaking style.

Moaner, with less hardware (2 championships) doesn't get a lot of popularity votes on account of his demeanour with the media, but is highly regarded by purist for his riding style and technique - while both Flossi and Moaner have won with HRC, Moaner's the one to bring a championship to Ducati.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

A Long Time Ago, In A Fanart Forum Far Away...

With a new movie coming out this month, thought i'd revisit all the Star Wars art i've drawn over the years. While this blog is predominantly robits and bricks, SW was what brought me into the collecting scene, so i'll always have a soft spot for this franchise.

Back when i started drawing fanart - the robit fandom's artist scene is very lively, so good that quite a few fan artist turn pros from exposure through the fandom - occasionally a SW idea would hit me, and i'd draw something like this: straight outta mos eisley!

I'd then try my hand at something more serious, but my inks a TURRIBLE: going for a 'beauty and the beast' kinda thing here:

Later i'd join a legit comic art forum, and it helped me develop my style and technique. My linework tends to be sloppy, but it helps in action poses like this:

I'd learn to use computer coloring/shading to mask my deficiencies, but long term it prolly hindered me fine tuning my skills:

But the best part of doing fanart, you get to make up scenes like this:

Almost all of my drawings are OT based, but sometimes you see somebody else draw a badass pic of Queen Amidala and you want to have a go at it too:

Of course, this guy is always fun to draw:

A lot of my art is basically just me having a funny idea in my head and wanting to see it put down on paper and you get stuff like this:

Boba Fett goes to the prom:

Never too old for poop jokes:

We were doing Christmas art at Penciljack forums and i was just trying to work in a SW themed snow globe:

Vader is totally a deadbeat dad:

I've always found the bit in ROTJ where Han doesn't even see Boba when he whacks him into the Sarlacc Pit funny...

Its a trap!

When i started a Tumblr account i was messing a lot with drawing using an iphone, and came up with these:

But i found even that took too much time, so i started drawing thumbnail art on post it notes and would post these on Instagram:

It's Boba's 'vette!

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Microscale Star Wars and Oblivion MOCs, by Irwan Prabowo

I rarely feature other people's stuff (on account i already get my fix via flickr's lego feed) but i stumbled these via LUG of Malaysia's FB feed and thought they're too good to pass up.

These are Irwan Prabowo's MOCs - there's more at his FB account:

Irwan Prabowo's Facebook Photos

He is apparently a Jakarta-based AFOL who likes the usual stuff - scifi, comics, movies - but the stuff i wanna showcase here are these excellent SW based microscale dioramas:

...I'm gonna pretend i didn't see the SE beak in the sarlacc's maw...

His MOC sandcrawler has articulated front treads!

Some stuff based on the upcoming new movie:

There's bunch of other movie based MOCs in his FB album, but i love this one in particular - the outpost from Tom Cruise's Oblivion. Despite being so-so as far as Tom Cruise movies go, I've got a soft spot for this movie. I dig Joseph Kosinski's look and tone (he also did Tron Legacy, another 'just decent' movie which i really like), the designs are great and it has a great theme song too.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Lego V-Power Shell Collection, Microscale Space Cruiser from 'Great Lego Sets' Book

Shell is back with a new lego collection featuring 4 ferrari models: F138 formula 1 car, F12 berlinetta road car, 512S GT racer from the 70s and a 60s 250 GT model.

I like the 250 GT the most, but even the boring (for me) F1 car features different parts than the previous version and the (relatively) bland F12 has some interesting details going on in the rear of the car.

But most importantly: these are 10 ringgit lego sets! Sure you gotta fill up 40 bucks worth of petrol to buy em at that price but I'm not about to pass up 10 ringgit lego sets.

Lego space just might be lego's coolest non licensed theme. I picked up a 918 set off ebay awhile back; the 928 space cruiser - the largest ship in that series - cost a pretty penny (deservedly) and is considered the definitive set for this theme from that era.

So it was a nice surprise for me as i was browsing kinokuniya and lo and behold, i catch a glimpse of a book with it on the cover: INCLUDES MICROSCALE VERSION. I couldn't reach for my wallet fast enough - considering i'm also a fan of microscale builds.

Like the original full scale version, the rear loading bay opens up, complete with a little 2x1 build, a rendition of the space buggy that the original came with.