Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Lego V-Power Shell Collection, Microscale Space Cruiser from 'Great Lego Sets' Book

Shell is back with a new lego collection featuring 4 ferrari models: F138 formula 1 car, F12 berlinetta road car, 512S GT racer from the 70s and a 60s 250 GT model.

I like the 250 GT the most, but even the boring (for me) F1 car features different parts than the previous version and the (relatively) bland F12 has some interesting details going on in the rear of the car.

But most importantly: these are 10 ringgit lego sets! Sure you gotta fill up 40 bucks worth of petrol to buy em at that price but I'm not about to pass up 10 ringgit lego sets.

Lego space just might be lego's coolest non licensed theme. I picked up a 918 set off ebay awhile back; the 928 space cruiser - the largest ship in that series - cost a pretty penny (deservedly) and is considered the definitive set for this theme from that era.

So it was a nice surprise for me as i was browsing kinokuniya and lo and behold, i catch a glimpse of a book with it on the cover: INCLUDES MICROSCALE VERSION. I couldn't reach for my wallet fast enough - considering i'm also a fan of microscale builds.

Like the original full scale version, the rear loading bay opens up, complete with a little 2x1 build, a rendition of the space buggy that the original came with.


babism said...

i had the 918 i think
and also yeah a few years ago i tried to track them on ebay
but instead bought whole other sets and gave em away to my sisters' kids'....
but dood, the microscale and the 'real' one not so beza size wot (eg whats the point of microscale)

K.A. said...

The microscale is of the 928, not the 918. Look up how much bigger a 928 is (almost as wide as the base plate it comes with).