Sunday, December 06, 2015

Microscale Star Wars and Oblivion MOCs, by Irwan Prabowo

I rarely feature other people's stuff (on account i already get my fix via flickr's lego feed) but i stumbled these via LUG of Malaysia's FB feed and thought they're too good to pass up.

These are Irwan Prabowo's MOCs - there's more at his FB account:

Irwan Prabowo's Facebook Photos

He is apparently a Jakarta-based AFOL who likes the usual stuff - scifi, comics, movies - but the stuff i wanna showcase here are these excellent SW based microscale dioramas:

...I'm gonna pretend i didn't see the SE beak in the sarlacc's maw...

His MOC sandcrawler has articulated front treads!

Some stuff based on the upcoming new movie:

There's bunch of other movie based MOCs in his FB album, but i love this one in particular - the outpost from Tom Cruise's Oblivion. Despite being so-so as far as Tom Cruise movies go, I've got a soft spot for this movie. I dig Joseph Kosinski's look and tone (he also did Tron Legacy, another 'just decent' movie which i really like), the designs are great and it has a great theme song too.

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