Saturday, December 26, 2015

Rey's Speeder, MOC Boba Fett & Rebel Droids

You know the new Star Wars movie is good when it makes you rush to the toy store to buy new merch.

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I've been generally ignoring TFA merch, but having seen the movie, was inspired to get this set to get Rey's minifig. Finn was great too, but I thought Rey really carried this movie. That moment when she force grabs the saber away from Kylo: goosebumps.

Her speeder doesn't do much in the movie but its a nice recall to luke's speeder (with the bevelled corners, but turned on its side), even anakin's pod racer from TPM. But its an integral part to Rey's backstory as a mechanically savvy scavenger living off imperial wreckages in Jakku.

The build is missing the side netting, which in the movie is what holds her loot. Instead, its got a gimmick where the thruster act as a knob that operate the side panels, which open up for storage.


Since I'm all hyped on Star Wars, decided to try my hand at some character builds. Here's the coolest bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett. Boba's so cool Darth Vader actually addresses him specifically in the group briefing in ESB. He's so cool he's got the 2nd coolest ship in the franchise, Slave 1. Sure he goes out like a biyatch in ROTJ, BUT STILL.

C3PO & R2D2

Just enough time for 1 more build before I hit the road for the holidays - well, 1 plus 1 actually, I couldn't do 1 without the other. Ol' goldenrod and rustbucket here may be sidekicks but they're the heart and soul of the franchise and both get their moments in the new movie.

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