Monday, December 21, 2015

You're one ugly MOCer...: Lego Predator, MotoGP's Rossi & Stoner

Seems i still got a little in the tank for remainder of 2015 for some new MOCs.


I watched Predator as kid on VHS - 1st instance of hearing the F word on screen. Was a full on fan of Arnold back then but even he had to contend with how charismatic the hunter-alien bad guy turned out be (to the point the Predator gets to play good guy roles in future spinoffs). Its a combination of things, really: the imposing physique, despite its size how graceful it moves. The Batman like gadgets, 1st person heat vision views, the voice mimicry. THE COOL DREADS. That 1st movie had a buttload of memorable characters and one liners but the bad guy still stands out despite being 'hidden' for 2/3rds of the movie. Badass.


Flossi and Moaner are 2 rival MotoGP riders with their history of clashes on and off the track.

Flossi, despite being a fan favourite due to his charisma and record setting success (9 championships in total over multiple classes), belies his cut throat competitiveness and aggressive overtaking style.

Moaner, with less hardware (2 championships) doesn't get a lot of popularity votes on account of his demeanour with the media, but is highly regarded by purist for his riding style and technique - while both Flossi and Moaner have won with HRC, Moaner's the one to bring a championship to Ducati.

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