Sunday, January 17, 2016

Welcome To The Monkey House

I'm a big fan Toyfare (i loves me some Twisted Toyfare Theatre) and one of my fave recurring feature - it was really just a panel in the letters section - was 'Welcome to the Monkey House'. Which is prolly a Kurt Vonnegut reference - thanks, Google! Or maybe i just give too much credit to toyfare's staff.

ANYWAY. WttMH would showcase a random toy or action figure from any toyline by any toy company, as long as the character was based on any member of the ape family. So one issue it would be write up of a video game toy of Donkey Kong and the next could be a movie action figure of King Kong or maybe even a random toy with the likeness of YOUR MOM.

Hehe, that never gets old.

I don't buy a lot of collector type action figures, much less anything other than Star Wars/Transformers. But York House - a long time toy-run haunt at BSC - would sometimes have random items offloaded by other collectors - and i came across this Planet of the Apes figure by Medicom: Milo in spacesuit from Escape from Planet of the Apes. I'm not even a PotA fan but its a man-monkey! In a space suit! *cash register sound*

So of course once i get home i line em up with other toy monkeys. Genuinely surprised at the realization of my collection's low ape count, actually. Something i should rectify.

Monkey conga line!

Tower of simians, Jenga!

Unfortunately i couldn't find a way to incorporate Milo into the pile due to lack of articulation. Damn hipster toys.

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