Friday, February 12, 2016

Lego Star Wars Microfighters The Ghost, AT-DP

I actually bought something new!

Big fan of this series of cutesified version of vehicles with minifigs. Both of these sets are from SW: Rebels TV show, which to be honest i'm not familiar. Its very well received (the show) with designs recalling to the OT rather than PT:

The Ghost comes with its captain, Hera Syndulla (a twilek - head tentacles are hot!). The design reminds me of the Falcon, with its side docking ports and generally ungainly appearance. While the proper minifig scale version has a detachable shuttle like in the show, in this miniaturized version its built-in.

The AT-DP comes with its pilot and looks like the AT-ST aka chicken walker, but with a single huge (relatively) cannon at the 'nose' of the cab. Bet with a little modding i can turn this into Microfighter AT-ST.

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